Thursday, March 25, 2010

When the Seeing Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Zenni

Our vision holds the world together. When you get even a little blur, your world may jiggle a little bit. As the seeing gets tough, prescription eyeglasses is often the answer. Be grateful if it’s just that and be grateful indeed because you can still be admirably-looking with a pair of prescription eyeglasses. This opportunely comes at the #1 online Rx glasses store
It’s a tough choice to make. You go for that clear vision and dazzling look but that could be an affluent choice. Not with Zenni eyeglasses. When you visit their online shop at, you’ll be amazed at a wide variety of designs for Lowest Price Progressive Glasses.  And the price starts at $8! You can be tough and yet hold your fingers together. Just get Zenni by making your order online because it’s straightforward and economy-wise. And that convincing Eric's Review of Zenni Optical , at just supports all these claims.

As finances get tough, get fine with Zenni.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

33 Basic Smart Shopping Tips

by Sandy Shields

Here are thirty-three basic smart shopping tips that can be used anywhere you shop. Use them to save money, and as a guide to strengthen your purchasing power.

1. Plan your spending. Avoid impulse buys.

2. Advertised items are not necessarily the cheapest.

3. Watch for unadvertised specials.

4. Remember to ask for a "raincheck" if an item is sold out.

5. To avoid crowds, do not shop after work, on paydays, or just before holidays.

6. Buy items before you run out of them. Buy at clearance, or sale price, instead of regular price when you must have the item.

7. Know the sales cycle in your area.

8. Just because an item is on sale, doesn't necessarily mean it is a good deal for your family. If you won't use it, don't buy it.

9. Due to volume discounts, larger stores are generally cheaper than smaller ones.

10. Your emotions affect your shopping. Be careful of the "I deserve it" mentality.

11. Buy at the end of the season.

12. Stock up when prices are low.

13. Try alternative shopping: Shop salvage stores, thrift stores, consignment shops, warehouse clubs, yard sales, and garage sales.

14. Remember that no particular store has the lowest price on all items.

15. Create a "shopping pool". Agree with family and friends to shop sales for each other.

16. Shop alone. Other individuals will only help fill your shopping cart.

17. Check the entire store for specials and alternatives.

18. Get to know your favorite store's employees. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

19. Know your prices, keep a price book.

20. About Prices: Compare, Compare, Compare. This is how your price book helps you.

21. Larger is not always cheaper. Smaller is not always cheaper.

22. Look at unit prices.

23. You pay more for fancy packaging. Beware.

24. Remember the "Rule of Three": If an item has three different ways it can be used, you will not be wasting your money.

25. Never pay full price.

26. Shop defensively.

27. Try store and generic brands.

28. Watch as the clerk rings up your purchases. Check your receipt.

29. Shop for gifts year round.

30. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations.

31. Complain if it is genuinely warranted.

32. Call before you go to confirm item is available.

33. If you must, leave the checkbook and credit cards at home or in the car.

Sandy is a freelance writer and webmaster of She enjoys living the frugal life, saving money, and helping others to do the same. Subscribe to her newsletter to receive more money-saving ideas and frugal tips. Reprint permission granted with this footer included. Copyright © 1999-2003.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

How Easy is Planning Financially?

Financial Planning starts with identifying your financial aspirations, then building up a personalized detailed plan to achieve them. It’s like drawing up a ‘map’ specific to your goals and needs, and based on what you want out of life, your attitudes and goals whether personal, professional or financial. That map shows you how to get there and if necessary it should be kept secret….!

Some of the areas that will be covered include:
  •  Your goals — a new house, children’s education, travel, a secure retirement, etc.
  • Your investments and assets — your house, car, fixed interest, shares, etc. 
  • Your income and commitments — mortgages, cost of living, etc. 
  • An action plan and investment strategy — to achieve your goals.
 There are three basic money problems that a person will face during the course of his or her life. 
  • Accumulation problem. This is the problem most of us actually have, how to accumulate money.  
  • Investment problem or what to do with money when you have some.  
  • How to create money and provide for the availability of money in the time of need or crisis.
 Putting hard-earned dollars back to work is the cornerstone of accumulating capital and building wealth. Choosing the optimum mix of savings and investments from the many options is the secret to achieving financial success.

Everyone has different goals...Think about your own for a minute. They may include buying a house, planning for your retirement or getting into a new business. In other words, the financial security to help you enjoy what you want out of life. This is why financial planning covers such a wide area. Once you've determined what you want out of life, you start the planning. This planning puts financial strategies such as investments, shares, fixed interest, unit trusts, superannuation, insurance and cash management into a written plan or map designed to work just for you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Online Business Is Not Easy

UNSPECIFIED - OCTOBER 10:  In this photo illus...
I have been around the online world for quite a while and have been able to make a living off understanding fundamental internet marketing and business. The one thing I have learned which I share to all new comers is if you would like to work online don’t come thinking it is cake work or after the first year millions will be pouring into your bank account. Now for the few lucky who develop something great such as the creators of Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Google, and other monsters they are the exception. For us lone webmasters who develop regular websites and blogs that have a target audience which is somewhat small considering the billion or so individuals online we must work tirelessly day in and day out trying to scrape by. Now I don’t want to seem like a pessimist, but after the collapse of the economy the competition online has grown exponentially so if you would like to work online I will cover some of the basic aspects which you will need. 

First of course will be the creation of your web presence whether it is a website, blog, forum, chat room, marketplace, or other. This is where many fail since the research is not done properly to see if there is room within their niche. When setting up a website it is mandatory that your check and see if the niche you are in is possible to climb. For example I began in the “make money” niche which is hugely competitive and if I take a week off I drop dramatically in the SERPs (search engine results pages). So if it is your first website or blog then take the time to find a niche (category of website such as business or marketing) which has room for you and is not overly competitive. If you have true heart then I guess it would be possible to beat out those in your niche. Personally after I learned internet marketing I took time to learn about different ways to gain rank in the SERPs and actually found I could target words within my niche I only needed a couple thousand backlinks to take the first page. I started going after the term “make money online”, but decided 20k backlinks was a little ridiculous so I decided to go after the words “make money free” which only needed around 3k. So be careful when you are deciding a niche to go after and make sure while doing so you are deciding on a key term which you will place in your hyper links. 
After you create a web presence the next step on your way to success is finding different ways to market your website. Personally I do this a couple ways the first thing you need to do is find five or six bloggers which you feel really understand internet marketing. The next thing is to get on a few webmaster/internet marketing forums where you will be able to ask questions. The third thing you should do is begin as soon as possible implementing everything you learn testing and continuously adapting to the best possible internet marketing techniques. Anyway you do this and never spam you cannot go wrong. Remember there are millions of other web presences out there wanting your traffic so stay on your toes and work harder than they do.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simple Ideas to Cut Down on Your Expenses-00-10

By: grumpyjack sa

In these tough economic times, many of us have to keep our expenses in check. Unfortunately, it seems like an impossible task, considering how expensive everything has become.

It is actually not as complicated as it may seem. it may mean you have to modify a few habits, but it is not rocket science by any means. With a little common sense and commitment, anyone can do it.

Firstly, get into the habit of noting all your expenses, even the sodas you bought on the way home. You will quickly see where your money is slipping away, and decide for yourself what is essential, and which are luxury items. How much of the luxury you cut back on will depend on your particular situation.

Next, take a look at how you do things around the house. Could you maybe use a little less hot water when you bath? Do you switch the light off when you leave a room? Do you use the stove a lot, when some of it could have been done in the microwave at less than half the cost? Do you get in the car to visit a shop every time you miss something? Simple things like these can add up over time, and if not attended to, keep on draining your cash flow.

Do you indulge in simple luxuries like having a soda on a regular basis? Have you calculated the cost over a period of a year? Do you smoke? Did you calculate the cost over a year? You do not need to quit altogether, because simply smoking a bit less will already result in a significant saving.

Have you considered starting a club to share the expenses of driving to work? City driving is heavy on fuel and maintenance. Even if you car only runs half the time, it will still amount to a considerable saving due to the saving on wear and tear.

Lastly, have a look at your financial management. Can you possibly obtain cheaper insurance without sacrificing cover? Have you looked at the option of refinancing your home at a better interest rate?

These points are all common sense, yet many people overlook them, and wonder why their budgets don't fit. Find the little holes in the bucket, and plug them up. They usually spill a whole lot more than the few big ones. Don't allow your habits to rule your finances. Take control - your life will be a whole lot easier.

These ideas were brought to you by and House Talk , both of which are websites dealing with discussions about real estate. Click here to read more on expenses.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Financially Overcoming a Job-Loss

Getting a new job isn’t a cake walk either. Evidently, the signs of worry show up. But if you thought that’s the end of the road, you got it all wrong. Job loss is common, so are its ways to cope with it. You just need to wise up money-wise to recover.

First, if you’ve heavy outstanding bills and debts, go for debt consolidation. It reduces your monthly payments, and also helps you to make a single monthly payment by tacking all debt into one loan. A single loan is always easier to handle in financial crisis as it’s lower than the total payable amount on several loans and bills. Therefore, you get a chance to organize your finances, without any debt woes.

Next, ensure that you have fully received your entitlements from your employer. Some companies have redundancy packages, offering financial advice, outplacement, and career opportunities. Use it if you can.

Then you must reorganize your budgets to meet the situation. The same earning-to-spending ratio wouldn’t stay; therefore, you may fail to pay for your mortgage or credit card. In such a case, be explicit and negotiate fresh payment terms with your creditors.

Don’t make rash financial decisions that may land you in hot water. For instance, push aside all plans for holidaying or buying a new car when you’ve just lost a job. Also, avoid using all your payout to pay off your loans as you’ll have to survive on that money till you find a new job.

You must also change your lifestyle to get over the crisis. Forget being the same party animal or impulsive shopper that you were before. On a positive note, job loss allows you to look back on life and re-evaluate yourself. A job loss also helps you reconsider your career plans and future, which you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

If this thought isn’t cheerful enough, and you’re still having creases on your forehead, seek professional help. Get a financial advisor to plan your finances. Alternatively, go for counseling.

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The Easiest Way is to Be First

In Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind (2001), Al Ries & Jack Trout throw out an interesting proposition. Their message to anyone who’s trying to market a product or service is that the easy way to get into a person’s mind is to be first. They say: “You just got to be first”.

Here’s the example they come up with. Ask anyone, “What’s the name of the first person to walk on the moon?” You’re bound to get a few Neil Armstrong’s, especially given that 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of this momentous event. Now ask anyone who answered correctly, “What’s the name of the second person to walk on the moon?” Let them squirm all you like; you’re not going to get a second answer out of anyone.

People rank to remember. And if they choose to not remember who comes in 2nd or 3rd, it’s probably more of a sub-conscious choice, rather than memory-related. After all, would you really want to deal with the 2nd best in your field? Probably not. First is better, by a long shot.

Ries & Trout give this piece of marketing advice: “Be a big fish in a small pond”. You want to be the biggest fish, even if you’re swimming in a puddle this is because you can always increase the size of the pond once you’ve established your predatory status as being no. 1. You just don’t want to end up being a small fish in a big pond. In the world of marketing, this is called positioning.

With an idea like this, it’s no wonder that Ries & Ries, have earned no. 1 ranking in the marketing seminars market, as being the one-and-only company to use gynmorous slide shows. Watch one of their presentations, and you’ll be looking at on average 300 slides an hour, and up to 1,800 slides a day, if you’re attending a day-long seminar. Now that’s got to be an interesting event to sit through. They sell their presentations like going to the movies, with a bit of suspense, comedy, intrigue and education.

So who’s no. 1 in the trucking world? You might have to do a 180◦ turn-around from where you’ve been looking to find them, but they’re definitely well-entrenched in their marketplace. i80 Equipment ( has been the #1 supplier of quality reconditioned trucks, servicing the construction, sign and lighting, telecommunications, tree care, and utility industries. They have over 50 trucks in stock, including used altec bucket trucks, forestry trucks, boom trucks, crane trucks and digger derrick trucks.

And so how do you get to be no. 1 in the trucking world? It’s not having close to 20 years in operation that makes your no. 1. Although this helps. And it’s not knowing your trucks that makes you no. 1. Although this helps too. It’s standing by your trucks that does it. I-80 Equipment won’t put a truck on the road without a 77point inspection, followed by an external inspection and certification process. They are masters of the reconditioning process and their focus is on safety first. Sign up for email alerts of new acquisitions on their expanding lot. Consult with them to buy your bucket truck today!

About The Author:

i80equipment is an online New & Used Bucket Trucks store. Offers a wide variety of Bucket trucks, Boom Trucks & Crane Trucks. The author invites you to visit:

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Don’t Make Feature-Based Purchases, Without Facing the Fear Factor

Fear Selling is all about getting to that dreaded question of “What’s it going to cost you if…?”. Here’s a classic example of fear selling in action. An IT Sales Rep. calls up the purchasing manager or CEO of a company and says, “Mr Customer, I work for Anti-Virus Software Ltd. We’ve got a great deal on at only $49.99 a month…”. If this is the approach he uses, the sales guy might not get any further than this. And that’s simply because he’s likely to be one of the ten other sales guys making the same kind of call that day. The CEO probably has his turn-away call down pat. Possibly he’s even started to have fun, saying “Thanks. But we’d rather not”. And maybe on a good day, he even asks the Sales Rep. to go into all the benefits, just to see how well he knows his stuff.

But hey, what if the sales guy, turns his call around, and says: “Whenever I speak with senior decision-makers like yourself, I often here the same three concerns coming up: ‘computer viruses, computer viruses and computer viruses…’. Is this something you can relate to?”. The Sales Rep. knows he’s hitting a soft spot because he’s done his research. And then it’s literally, a hop, skip and a jump away to that unsettling question, “What’s it costing you… in terms of staffing, and problem-shooting and system crashes?”, which can be followed by a clincher: “Ad if you were to put a figure on what is it costing you…?”.

Let’s throw out a radical statement here. Good purchases need to be based fear-factor tested. Don’t base your purchase on the features alone. It’s easy when you’re looking at features, to think that you’re getting a great deal. What you want to do is predict what could go wrong, and make sure that whatever you are purchasing can handle the situation. This is, in part, the idea behind a checklist inspection. A team of experts would have sat down early on it the planning process and said: “What’s really vital to the safe operations of this machine or tool?”, and then they would have had an inspection team in an inspection bay, check that all safety criteria were matched.

I-80 Equipment Company ( have over 15 years in operation, selling quality reconditioned bucket trucks and used digger derricks. They won’t put a truck on the road without a 77point inspection, followed by an external inspection and certification process.

Today, truck drivers need to understand how their trucks operate inside out in order to ensure road safety at all times. I-80 Equipment aim to provide as much information as possible to a potential customer, so that when they walk onto the lot, they’ve seen the video footage, and they know the truck’s mileage, weight, engine and fuel type and transmission. This way, they’re more inclined to move onto road safety, and general maintenance issues.

About The Author: i80equipment is an online New & Used Bucket Trucks store. Offers a wide variety of Bucket trucks, Boom Trucks & Crane Trucks.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Six Sigma And Finance

This picture was reworked by the Bilderwerksta...

The success of Six Sigma implementations depends on the ability of the implementation teams to identify and alter systems that are responsible for the efficiency of a business process. For successful implementation of 6 Sigma concepts and methodologies, organizations need to increase coordination between all the teams involved in the implementations. Consistent support and guidance from senior management is also necessary for ensuring the success of Six Sigma initiatives.

Six Sigma Implementations And The Finance Department

6 Sigma implementations do help in reducing operational costs, but an organization cannot afford to make strategic decisions based on vague assumptions. Organizations need to measure the monetary value of benefits that is being derived through the implementations. The task of assessing the financial spin-offs of the implementations is often entrusted to the finance department that assesses the improvements in relation to the organization's bottom line.

The finance department utilizes project tracking software that measures the improvements being made and generates reports showing the financial payoff. The software is used all throughout the implementation process and the data collected is stored for future referrals. This is important because 6 Sigma programs aim at continuous quality improvements, normally a 30%-60% improvement in around 6 months. Data available from past implementations makes it easier to deploy new Six Sigma concepts and methodologies in an organization.

Selecting The Most Suitable Finance Personnel

For ensuring that the financial functions are successfully carried out, organizations need to select only the most experienced employees. Outsiders can also be hired for this purpose but it is always better to opt for existing employees as they have a better understanding about the organization's business processes.

If the selected employees are new to the concept of Six Sigma, it is necessary to provide adequate training before allocating them the responsibilities that they are supposed to shoulder. Finance personnel selected by an organization, act as the official scorekeepers and report any deviations that might affect the organization's bottom line.

Finance And Quality Issues

Quality improvements are one of the main objectives of 6 Sigma implementations. However, for producing high-quality goods or services that satisfy customer needs, it is necessary to deploy the financial measurement tools and systems at all stages of the implementation process. At the start of the implementation process, a financial impact analysis is conducted to identify the derivable monetary benefits. During the implementations, the actual monetary value of benefits is assessed and reported to the senior management. During the final stages of the implementations, the actual and planned results are compared to provide the necessary feedback to the quality department.

The success of any quality improvement technique such as Six Sigma can be ensured if the implementations are done in accordance with quantifiable financial results. The financial skills of selected personnel also go a long way in ensuring the success of 6 Sigma implementation programs.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online ( ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Sick and Tired of Being Broke?

I'm about to reveal something super powerful to you. It will open up a whole new world for and it will probably change your life (for the better). I have discovered a very big secret when I was just 17 years old. I was just a kid when I discovered the secret to financial freedom.

I know...not many people are so lucky, but now you have the opportunity to learn my exact secrets for making more money than you can imagine.

Before I get into the what it is, I need to warm you up a bit. How sick and tired are you about your current financial status? How sick and tired are you of not having enough money to buy luxury items you desire? How sick and tired are you?

Pretty much fed up right? I was in the same position you know. Yup, I was in the same exact position as you.
- Completely broke.
- No parents to run to.
- Horrible Job.
- A future to take care of.

You see, I had some family problems (divorce of parents) that led me to basically take care of myself. At the age of 17 you don't really know what to make of a responsibility like that. I was my life... the biggest responsibility of all.

I had to work to save money for college. I never had enough money for anything else, not even a social life! How horrible is that? I'm sure you can relate to the financial situation in some sort of way right?

Well...I'm here to tell you that you can finally stop worrying. I'm going to share with you my secret to success.

So what is this secret?
It all came to me in the post one day. I remember taking the mail out of the mail box one Tuesday. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that FOUR WORDS were going to change my ENTIRE LIFE.

I opened the mail and I got a direct sales letter. The headline read, "Start An Online Business".

The lights went on. The fireworks went off. The shovel hit the dirt.

Those 4 little words paved my entire life ahead of me. A life full of happiness and money.

I realised that I DON'T need a fancy degree or even a lot of money to start my own online business. I realised that I can make REAL money in a virtual world!

So my question goes to you again. Are you sick and tired of not having ENOUGH money?

Well then start an online business! I cannot emphasize this more. Start your very own digital online business asap. You don't even need a product in order to start an online business. There are several websites that are selling OTHER peoples stuff. It's known as affiliate marketing and with the right training, you can seriously cash in with that method.


The very first thing you need to do is WANT to succeed. You need to want it really bad.

Here are some benefits of making money on the internet:

1. You are your own boss (beat that!)
2. You'll have more time for yourself
3. You'll have more time for your friends and/or family!
4. You'll have LOADS of money to burn!
5. Live the life of your dreams.

Ok so how do you successfully start an online business?

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Get an idea!
It's vital that you have an idea to start a website about, otherwise what's the point right? Use sources like Webmd to find out whats the general "hot" topics.

2. Start the website
Before you can start a website you'll need a domain name and hosting. The best place to grab a domain name is at Namecheap and the best place to get hosting is Hostgator. Hostgator is probably the best hosting solution currently available.

3. Use Blogging As Your Tool
The website doesn't have to be built with a website editor. You can start a blog which will act as a website! Wordpress is currently the number 1 blog platform and it's FREE. Along with your hosting you will be able to set up a free wordpress blog which will act as your site.

4. Provide valuable content.
Provide valuable content no matter what you do. Add new articles to your blog/website on a daily basis. Try to make your website stand out from the rest by providing good interesting articles that can HELP people.

5. Make money!
It's super easy to make money from your blog. You can sign up to Amazon or Ebay's affiliate program or any other affiliate program for that matter. This will allow you to promote other companies' products online and in return you'll receive commissions for each sale you refer!

There you have it...start an online business asap!

About the Author:
I have found the secret to financial freedom. I want to you show you how I make money EVERY SINGLE DAY and how you can do the same starting TODAY. Are you interested? Then please visit for the instructions. Regards, Reinhardt Gallowitz
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Humor in Advertisements, The New Approach

Most advertisements, particularly TV ads, are entirely and desperately unexciting. They are too forthright, too specific, too arrogant. I am certain that the effect of these advertisements could be vastly improved if they were made more realistic.

Why not develop an innovative approach in television promotion instead of mindlessly mimicking the Western style of wheezing superlatives, with all their impractical insinuations. (buy our shampoo and you'll get a husband; buy our perfume and you are sure to be attacked by hungry males)?ives, with all their impractical insinuations.

Some ads, for example, could be given an undertone of gambling: XYZ: It may relieve your headache. Or of course it may not. Who can tell? Try it. You may be lucky. The odds against you are only 3 to 1.

Or: Try your luck on BMX fruit juice. Most people detest it, You may be an exception.

Or appeal to man's sense of fairness. A beautiful half-nude girl ( this is typical Italian) might call to the public: S.O.S We are doing badly. Business is rotten, Buy our razors and give us a chance. Honestly they are not much worse than other makes.

Or appeal to man's inborn honesty: Use DXZ Washing Powder. By the way, have you ever tried the whiteness test? To be honest DXZ washes greyest, but after all people do not see your underwear (or they are not supposed to).

Or, just moderate your language. Make no extravagant claims; be vague and incoherent, in other words, be natural: Our chocolate is rather nourishing. Never mind the taste.

Or: Drink our beer. It's dirt cheap and you CAN get used to it.

Or else: Can you tell the difference between our margarine and our hair tonic? WE can't...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Teach Money Management to Your Child

A Piggy bank (penny bank/money box)

Financial responsibility is one vital attribute of a successfully managed life. It is a lifelong effort that should start at an earlier age up to the twilight years and even beyond. Learning financial responsibility while you are young prepares you for proper money management later in life. Training your child to manage his money is not just a gift, but a responsibility as well for the parents. When a child learns how to responsibly manage his finances, he gets a foretaste of financial stability when he grows up.

Teaching a child financial responsibility should start early. This can be as simple as telling a 3 year old "no" when they want you to buy something. Or even saying, "We don't have money for that today". These statements are helpful for a child to hear as they are based on reality. It will also allow the opportunity to open a discussion about money. This may not happen at 3 years of age, however, it will allow a child to be more comfortable when he/she is developmentally prepared.

Next, teach children the actual value of money. Teach them the meaning of a penny, dime, quarter, dollar etc. Teach them how to count money. Although this is taught in school, it is vital to financial responsibility to grasp this concept early. There are many books or workbooks that are helpful.

Next, teach a child the meaning of money by teaching them how to earn money. Discussions often happen early about why a parent must go to work or pay bills, etc. Discuss ways an adult earns money by discussing various jobs or careers. You can then discuss how they can earn money. Common jobs for children are chores, lemonade stands, paper routes, mowing lawns, and babysitting.

After a parent has taught a child how to earn money, it is time to teach a child how to spend and save money. 1 way to teach spending and savings is to have 2 piggy banks. Mark 1 as spending and the other as savings. Have a standard plan of how much goes into each piggy bank. For example, if a child earns $5.00 per week by completing chores, maybe $3 goes into savings and $2 goes into spending bank. It takes quite an effort to teach your child how to spend and how to buy something. This is also a delicate task to handle as a parent because it should be modelled and appreciated.

After there is enough money saved to open a savings account, take the child to the bank. Explain why people use banks. Next explain their new account by discussing their savings statement. This is very helpful for young children, as it is a hard concept that you have money being cared for by someone/something else. Banks are often initially frightening for children. Continual friendly explanation is often helpful.

As a child grows, you can have them place their checks for birthdays or holidays in their respective piggy banks. As he becomes ready for work until he finds a job, try to keep them on the same system. This helps encourage proper appropriation of funds for wise spending and saving.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Build relationships through proper communication of feelings

Healthy and open relationships rely on quality communication to sustain them. At times, these interactions have to be honest and blunt for the relationship to grow and be strong. However, caution should be exercised so as not to repel the other person because sometimes the truth hurts and it could scar the relationship permanently.

We have to understand that these feelings are important and expressing them is not only necessary but also helpful for personal growth. We cannot help the way we feel about certain people or situations but we have to express these feelings in a constructive and helpful manner. Yes, we can control the method in which we convey our feelings if we put ourselves in the other person’s position and try to understand how they feel. Then deliver our feelings in a well thought out constructive fashion.

There are times that direct communication may not be necessary or could be disastrous, yet, keeping these feelings unexpressed may be too heavy to hold. In this case, find a creative outlet to communicate your feelings. You can try to use poetry, painting or other art forms to express your feelings. You can also write down how you feel in a daily journal. This journal can be an effective tool that allows you to express all the feelings you have about something or someone without fear of reproach or judgment. But understand that someone may find this journal and if you write less than flattering things about them in the journal, it could make the situation worse.

As a rule however, talk to someone you trust about how you feel. It really helps just to have someone listen to you and constructively, this person can give you an entirely new perspective on the situation. And then you can effectively manage the situation in a new light that is worth the bucks...

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